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D.I.G. Rally

It's time to D.I.G! Dive Into Giving!

WPVC is hosting its annual silent auction fundraiser, The D.I.G. Rally, on May 3, 2024 from 5pm-10pm. With our online auction starting April 12, 2024 and going through May 3, 2024. 

Here at WPVC, we understand the financial burden some have been feeling during the present time. This is where the Winter Park Volleyball Foundation comes in. Without this foundation, this opportunity would be impossible for some of our athletes. And without some of these athletes, our teams may not have enough players to become a full team to compete. 

Through all the donations and sponsorships we receive, 100% goes right back to the athletes and families who would otherwise not be able to be a part of our club family. We need your help in continuing to nurture our foundation to allow these opportunities to be available for these families and to keep our Club thriving with talent and passion for a sport we all love, VOLLEYBALL! 

Thank you for your commitment to the WPVF. While the benefits of youth sports are many and unmatched, the cost for some is extremely challenging. We hope that with your generous donation, we can provide the opportunity to as many participants as possible the ability to gain valuable life skills through athletics.

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