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What's Up With Those Pink Shirts?!

As practice began for the boys last month (and the girls start next month) you may see some teams wearing a pink shirt for practice. Where did the kids get those super fun shirts? If you stopped by the Foundation table under the balloon arch during the uniform try-on days you had the option to purchase one for $15.

What's so special about these shirts and why are they on sale? The number of kids in need of scholarships is on the rise. All proceeds from the sale of the Foundation shirts will go to benefit the goals of the foundation. (And the purchase is tax deductible!) The WPVC directors have agreed to let teams wear them as an extra practice shirt....the caveat is that the whole team needs to have them. The BIG bonus is that your team could choose to use these shirts at "Dig Pink" days at big tournaments as a warmup shirt (because it always seems like us parents are caught off-guard by those days and are rushing to find pink stuff at the last second!)

We've already sold a lot of shirts (to kids and family members), so don't be left out! Get with your team and make a plan to order! You can purchase online and pick up at the club, or you can just get one when you stop in.

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